Table of Contents

1Handling files and directories 2

2Listing files 3

3Displaying file contents 4

4File name pattern matching 4

5Handling file contents 5

6Changing file access rights 5

7Comparing files and directories 6

8Looking for files 6

9Redirecting command output 7

10Job control 7

11File and partition sizes 8

12Compressing 8

13Archiving 10

14Printing 11

15User management 11

16Time management 13

17Command help 13

18Misc commands 14

19Basic system administration 14

1Handling files and directories

2Listing files

3Displaying file contents

4File name pattern matching

5Handling file contents

6Changing file access rights

7Comparing files and directories

8Looking for files

9Redirecting command output

10Job control

11File and partition sizes




15User management

16Time management

17Command help

18Misc commands

19Basic system administration