The MathWorks, is a privately held, mid-market, US-based, multinational software company specializing in software engineering, multidomain simulation, and dynamic system software

The main products are:

  • MATLAB is the core product for numerical calculations. It is used in almost all industries and sciences for calculation and data analysis.
  • Simulink is the quasi-standard for modeling dynamic systems.
  • Stateflow enables the modeling and simulation of finite automata .
  • Simscape is used to model and simulate physical systems based on their topology; modeling depicts structure rather than equations.

Matlab is a commercial software to solve mathematical problems and to graphically display the results. Matlab is primarily designed for numeric calculations using matrices , whence the name derives: MATrix LABoratory .

The MathWorks offers introductory and intermediate courses in MATLAB®, Simulink®, Stateflow®, and Real-Time Workshop® products, as well as advanced training in specialized applications, such as signal processing, control design, and financial analysis. Trainers, who arealso expert MathWorks™ engineers, focus on your goals and how you canbest utilize MathWorks tools to achieve them.

For further information on trainings please visit the MathWorks Website or feel free to contact us.

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