IP Cores

So-Logic offers a large collection of IP cores that is continously expanding. Our cores are divided into the following categories, based on the application areas:

  • Interface Cores - here you will find IP cores that implement today's most popular interface protocols like SATA, USB, Ethernet, etc.
  • Machine Learning Cores - So-Logic is the first company that offers IP cores that enable hardware implementation of learning systems.
  • Processor and Microcontroller Cores - here you will find IP cores of popular microprocessors and microcontrollers.

So-Logic's development engineers are continously adding new cores to our IP collection. If you are interested in finding out what IP cores are currently available or under development at So-Logic, or you would like So-Logic to develop new IP core according to your requirement, please visit our "Finished and IP Cores Under Development" page.

So-Logic IP cores are written in VHDL and are mainly intended for FPGA implementation. Every core is fully verified and is available in both netlist and VHDL source code license. Pricing of each core varies, depending on the type of the license. For more information please contact So-Logic.

Each core is delivered with:

  • installation notes,
  • datasheet,
  • instantiation templates,
  • example application,
  • fully automated testbench together with complete set of tests, allowing easy package validataion at each stage of SoC design flow,

For each core So-Logic offers extensive technical support, delivery of core and documentation updates.

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