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  • All trainings are with VILT (Virtual Instructor Lead Training), but you can request an personalised InHouse training.
  • Select the content that you need and wanted your personal training, Contact us to discuss the possibilities!
  • Public training: There are some trainings. You can order a training from the list. (Recommended hotels)
  • In-house training: This training is at your side and you can request for each training or you ask for a specific training
  • Training on the job: The content of this training can be defined by the customer
  • Courses or appointments on request: Further topics, courses or appointments can be provided on request

Education services

  • Embedded system development: development, debugging, simulation and verification of a PowerPC and MicroBlaze embedded system
  • Hardware description languages: basic and advanced coding techniques for modeling, testbenches, synthesizable RTL targeting FPGAs and creating parameterizable and reusable designs in VHDL, Verilog and SystemC
  • Programming languages: development and debugging of Tcl/Tk, C, C++, Java
  • Operating systems: from microkernels to Embedded Linux
  • Development tools: mapping, floorplanning, routing, constraining of the FPGA architecture to push the limits of your design
  • Architectures of FPGAs and Microprocessors: detailed analysis of device structure, configuration, booting, debugging from a system design view
  • High-speed serial IOs: GBit Ethernet, PCI Express, Infiniband, Hypertransport, Serial ATA
  • Peripheral components: development and use of cores like PCI, USB, Ethernet, Firewire, RocketIO
  • DSP techniques: design techniques for implementing DSP-functions with HDL design flow and high level math tools
  • System level design: hardware/software codevelopment and simulation with ESL tools
  • Open Source development and consulting: advantages of open source software for application and system engineering as well as customization to suit special requirements
  • Network enabled services: all aspects of protocols, security, VPNs, Internet, telephony, performance, monitoring and reliability

Each course

Includes a printed version of the workshop, download of workshop examples, lunch, beverages and a certificate of success following completion. Because we feel every student needs as much access to the training expert as possible, we limit the number of students to eight persons per class. You can book and pay your course and download your course labs in your so-logic customers account. You will also get the most recent version of your labs.

As operating systems we use Linux, Windows. In our training classes the customer can select the platform and will work with a virtual machine.

In-house courses

All courses can be delivered at your site, and customised to meet your specific requirements. Courses are possible throughout Europe in English or German. You can group courses together and we can adopt our workshop examples to meet your specific needs. Please let us know what you need.

Training on the job

Training-on-the-job: special workshops where the customer learns different design methodologies and architectures. The content of this training can be defined by the customer and is usually focused on the customer's current project.

Additional informations

Details within so_after_work.pdf (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Culture).


In 2019, the company so-logic was awarded the prize for the best training center in Europe by Xilinx: text-align="bottom"

Courses on request

Further topics can be provided on request. If you have any questions, comments, or workshop requests, contact:

Phone: +43-1-315 77 77-11
Fax: +43-1-315 77 77-44

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