Doulos is the global leader for the development and delivery of market leading training solutions for SoC, FPGA and ASIC design and verification. Our business ethos is 'service through excellence' which, when combined with our world-leading independent know-how, makes Doulos the ideal training partner.

Our commercial independence and industry wide partnerships enable Doulos to bring significant added value to our clients. This also enables Doulos to make a unique contribution to the EDA industry as awhole in the area of new design and verification methodologies.

Doulos course materials are recognised as the best in the industry. Noother training provider can match the combination of in-depth technical expertise, training experience, and professional course designen capsulated in our materials. They add value to Doulos training that is difficult to emulate, and provide delegates with comprehensive reference material.

Doulos consultants are technical experts in their field, drawn fromright across the industry. But it takes more than technical know-how to become a Doulos tutor. Effective course design and training deliveryare skills we take very seriously. And that's why our expert tutors really know how to teach, and are passionate about transferring their know-how. Doulos tutors make learning easier and faster in the context of real world design and verification issues.

Doulos is an independent company. We set the industry standard for high quality technical training in the languages and methodologies for SystemC, SystemVerilog, e, PSL, VHDL, Verilog, Perl and Tcl/Tk. Our training portfolio spans Hardware Design, Verification Methodology and System Level Design for FPGA, ASIC and SoC design.

Public courses run regularly across Europe and the USA. In-house and team-based training is delivered world-wide, and comes with a guarantee of expert technical interaction to ensure training is precisely tailored to match your requirements.

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