Yocto Basic

Course Description


The Yocto Project. It's not an embedded Linux Distribution, It creates a custom one for you. This Course provides knowledge about configure Yocto Embedded Linux Distribution Poky. It demonstrates theoretical and practical best practice examples to configure Recipes for own Applications, Images and Machines.

Release Date

2020 July

Training Duration

2 days

Lab Descriptions

Day 1

  • Theory: Yocto Intro
  • Theory: Yocto Layer
  • Lab: Setup Build System
  • Theory: Yocto SDK
  • Lab: Exernal Application
  • Theory: Yocto Recipes
  • Lab: Add Application to Image
  • Theory: Image Recipe
  • Theory: Systemd and Services
  • Lab4: Layer, Systemd Service, Pushbutton
  • Theory: Device Tree

Day 2

  • Theory: Machine Config, Distribution, local.conf
  • Theory: Bootflow Sozius
  • Theory: devtool
  • Lab: Modify u-boot with devtool
  • Theory: Kernel Setup
  • Lab: Add Kernel Module
  • Lab: Create Kernel Patch
  • Theory: Layer Priority
  • Lab: Layer Priority
  • Theory: Classes and addtask
  • Lab: Classes and addtask

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