Decision Tree Inference Core


General Description
Reference Design
Pricing and Additional Information

General Description

So_ip_idt core can be used create a decision tree directly in hardware. It can create DTs with univarite, multivariate and non-linear tests. Creating DTs directly in hardware results in the significant increase of DT inference speed, compared with the traditional software-based approach.

So_ip_idt core implements a proprietary DT inference algorithm based on the evolutionary algorithms, developed at So-Logic, that enables quick DT inference with very favorable DT characteristics (measured in terms of inferred DT size and accuracy) when compared with the existing popular DT inference algorithms (C5, CART, etc.).

After the inference process is complete, complete structural information about the created DT is transferred through the output port. This information can be easily transferred to some of the So-Logic’s DT evaluation cores enabling hardware implementation of the inferred DT. By combining these two cores a hardware-based adaptive learning systems can be easily designed.

So_ip_idt core is delivered with fully automated testbench and a compete set of tests allowing easy package validation at each stage of SoC design flow.

The so_ip_idt design is strictly synchronous with positive-edge clocking, no internal tri-states and a synchronous reset.

The so_ip_idt core can be evaluated using any evaluation platform available to the user before actual purchase. This is achieved by using a time-limited demonstration bit files for selected platform that allows the user to evaluate system performance under different usage scenarios.

For more information about the so_ip_idt core please consult the corresponding datasheet.


  • Enables DT creation directly in hardware
  • Speedup of inference time of over 1000x compared to the traditional software approach
  • Supports classification problems that are defined by numerical attributes only
  • DTs with univariate or multivariate tests are supported
  • DTs with nonlinear tests are supported
  • No special IP blocks are needed to implement the core, only memory, adders and multipliers
  • User can specify the number format for all DT parameters in order to achieve the best performance/size ratio after implementation
  • Can be easily integrated with some of the So-Logic’s DT evaluation cores to create hardware-based adaptive learning systems


  • Speech and handwriting recognition
  • Computer vision
  • Machine perception
  • Pattern recognition
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Robot locomotion
  • Adaptive systems


Source code (source code license only)

  • VHDL Source Code

VHDL verification environment

  • Tests with reference responses

Technical documentation

  • Installation notes
  • HDL core specification
  • Datasheet

Instantiation templates

Reference design

Technical support

  • IP Core implementation support
  • Variable length maintenance
  • Delivery of IP Core updates, minor and major changes
  • Delivery of documentation updates
  • Telephone & email support


Netlist License

  • Post-synthesis netlist
  • Self checking testbench
  • Test vectors for testing the core
  • Place&Route scripts
  • Constraints
  • Instantiation templates
  • Documentation

VHDL Source License

  • VHDL RTL source code
  • Complete verification plan together with testbenches needed to verify correct operation of the core
  • Self checking testbench
  • Vectors for testing the functionality of the core
  • Simulation & synthesis scripts
  • Documentation


For more information about the So-Logic decision tree inference core, please see the following datasheet:

Reference Design

Reference design for the so_ip_idt decision tree inference core is avaiable upon the request. Reference design comes in a form of bit file for user specified platform. Using this reference design, customer can evaluate the functionality and performance of the core for limited period of time. For more information about the reference design, please contact So-Logic at

Pricing and Additional Information

Pricing of so_ip_idt decision tree inference core varies, and is dependent on the license type. For information about the pricing, license types, additional documents, performance, example applications, or any other information regarding the so_ip_idt decision tree inference core, please contact So-Logic at:

Phone: +43-1-315 77 77-11
Fax:     +43-1-315 77 77-44

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