EDA Tools


  • EDA.ORG : The EDA Industry Working Groups WWW-server, with links to the VHDL working groups, VHDL resources, IEEE standards, International Conferences ...
  • FMF: The Free Model Foundation provides free VITAL compliant VHDL models
  • cs.utwente.nl: VHDL and CAD/EDA server at the university of Twente
  • OpenCores: OPENCORES.ORG is a repository of open source, free IP synthesizable blocks and supplemental prototype boards
  • Newsgroup: The four parts collection of the comp.lang.vhdl newsgroup, which is reposted about monthly. The most recent version can be obtained from the EDA.ORG server



  • Xilinx: Programmable Logic Device, FPGA & CPLD
  • Altera: FPGAs, CPLDs, and Stuctured ASICs
  • Actel: Produces three different styles of FPGAs: antifuse, flash and SRAM
  • Lattice: FPGA, CPLD and SERDES Programmable Logic Devices
  • Quicklogic: Embedded Standard Products
  • Atmel: EEPROMs and CPU chips
  • 4DSP: Experts in FPGA design, IP cores development and integration
  • Demos On Demand: Xilinx, Altera, Synplicity and more Learn the latest design techniques
  • SOC Central: News, articles, whitepapers & more on FPGAs, CPLDs, IP, EDA tools


  • Wavelet: Wavelet.org. A guide to Oracle, Windows, Linux and OS X commands
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