Kits, Applications, Use Cases


  • development kit
  • demo board for education in schools and university
  • no sub modules are included
  • all three ports are available for connecting sub modules
  • like ZED Board, ZyBO


  • Ethernet point two point personal encryption
  • 2 x RJ45 connected to PL
  • with key management
  • same Hardware but different program can be used as ethernet tester and analyser
  • Traffic Analyser
  • Sniffer
  • Packet Generator
  • personal encryption device


  • JTAG programmer with multiple JTAG ports, can be used in development and production
  • Ethernet Interface for different FPGAs vendors
  • Program files can be stored on SD card and can be programmed from there
  • 5 pins + GPIO for additional testing
  • NAND Flashing
  • for Xilinx, support of virtual cable driver
  • SPI programming
  • for PCB testing different connectors


  • 2 x PMOD connector with two ports, optional with 4 ports
  • fully compliant to specification
  • connect any PMOD modules available form Analog Device, Diligent or Maxim
  • temperature sensors, displays, gyros, IMUs, Ultra Sonic
  • one sozius can control until 12 x PMODs ports

  • like a extension card
  • you can measure on all 38 IOs
  • connect another sub module to it

  • Analog Audio Input with four microphones
  • echo cancelation
  • with one loudspeaker
  • amplifier with one output
  • may be different numbers of channels, bits and sample rates


  • 8 x half bridge driver
  • 60V 2.5 A, sperate power supply input
  • can control 4 DC motors or 2 BLDCs or 2 stepper motors
  • encoder input from hall sensor or resolver
  • can measure 6 voltages and 2 currents for sensorless control
  • can be used also for any other power output with PWM control for LEDs, cooling, heating
  • PL can control the PWM for all bridges
  • connect until 3 modules to one sozius to control 6 axis simultaneously


  • connect one optical camera
  • connect one thermal camera
  • overlay optical and thermal pictures in the PL
  • You can implement:
    • filtering
    • object recognition
    • color conversion
    • frame rate conversion
    • image resizing


  • Software Defined Radio
  • GNU Radio
  • Portable Spectrum Analyser
  • Vector Network Analyser
  • Analog Device AD9361
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