Use Cases for FPGAs

Module Digital Systems with FPGAs

  • Boolean Logic
  • Hardware Design
  • FPGA vs CPU
  • FPGA Architectures (LUT, IOS, BRAM, Slices ...)
  • Design Methodology (RTL, TLM, Schematic, ..)
  • Design Flow and Tools
  • Simulation and Verification
  • Debugging
  • Use Cases

Module Design Digital Logic with VHDL

  • Language Concept
  • Differences with usual Programming Languages
  • Data Types
  • Structural Description
  • Register Transfer Logic RTL Description
  • Test Benches for Simulation
  • Use Cases

Module Embedded Processor System inside FPGAs

  • Capabilities of an Processor
  • Embedded Processor Architectures
  • Embedded Processor vs external Processor
  • Peripherals, Buses and Interfaces
  • Development Tools
  • Hardware Software Codesign
  • Partitioning
  • Performance Optimization
  • Use Cases

Module High Speed Digital Signal Processing

  • Twos Complement Arithmetic
  • DSP Building Blocks
  • Digital Filtering
  • Fast Fourier Transformation FFT
  • Radar, Sonar, Software Defined Radio
  • Design Flow and Tools (Matlab, SystemGenerator)
  • Use Cases

Module High Speed Serial Communication

  • Buses vs Serial Connection
  • Embedded Multi Gigabit Transceiver MGT
  • Architecture of an MGT
  • High Speed Protocols (SATA, Gigbit Ethernet, PCIexpress)
  • Design Flow and Tools (EMC, IBIS, ...)
  • Use Cases

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