Vivado Design Suite for ISE Project Navigator Users


Course Description

This course will update experienced ISE software users to utilize the Vivado Design Suite. Learn the underlying database and static timing analysis (STA) mechanisms. Utilize Tcl for navigating the design, creating Xilinx design constraints (XDC), and creating timing reports. Learn to make appropriate timing constraints for SDR,DDR, source-synchronous, and system-synchronous interfaces for your FPGA design.You will also learn to make path-specific, false path, and min/max timing constraints, as well as learn about timing constraint priority in the Vivado timing engine. Finally, you will learn about the scripting environment of the Vivado Design Suite and how to use the project-based scripting flow.You will also learn the FPGA design best practices and skills to be successful using the Vivado Design Suite. This includes the necessary skills to improve design speed and reliability, including: system reset design, synchronization circuits, optimum HDL coding techniques, and timing closure techniques using the Vivado software. This course encapsulates this information with an UltraFast design methodology case study. The UltraFast design methodology checklist is also introduced.

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November 2018


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After completing this comprehensive training, you will know how to:

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